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1ton duplex polyester webbing sling-China Manufacturer,Supplier

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>Model:1 ton
>Categories: 1ton duplex polyester webbing sling-China Manufacturer,Supplier

1Ton Duplex Polyester Webbing Sling-China Manufacturer,Supplier


1. Working Load Limit (WLL): 1,000kg
2. Width:25/30/50mm

3. 100% high tenacity polyester
4. According to EN1492-1 : 2000,ASME B30.9,AS1353-1
5. Safety factor available: 5:1 6:1 7:1 8:1

6. With reinforced lifting eyes

7  Low elongation

8. Length available: 1m to 20m

9. Complied with GS CE safety require

10. Each sling is proof tested, individually serial numbered, tagged and complete with Test Certificate

11. Customers could choice special length base on special require.



The advantages of webbing slings:

  • High strength to weight ratio
  • Broad & flat load bearing surface for better grip over smooth & fragile loads
  • Working temperature range: -40 to 100degrees C.
  • Various loading method. 
  • Easy to identify even if the sling has been abrased.
  • Light and soft, can be used in samall narrow space. 
  • After PU processing, anti-abrasion is enhanced.
  • Non-conductive, no danger of electric stroke. 






 More about polyester webbing

Webbig sling is famous for lightweight, durable and verstial,because slins is made of high tenacity polyester,it is extremely strong and can repel humidity and dirt.

Polyester flat webbing slings are the ideal lifting, towing and pulling solution. Unlike chains or ropes which can be heavy and inflexible, webbing straps are the perfect solution for lifting, handling and recovery on the go.

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