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Welcome to China LG Supply




LG Supply located in the largest rigging hardwares production base of China -Shandong, founded in 2006. is the subsidiary corporation of Shandong Hiking International Commerce Group Co.,LTD.

LG Supply has so far been focusing on offering High Quality products for our customers. At present LG has closely worked with more than 200 partner factories


LG ’s Team, all the engineers and sales of LG have been working on these field for many years, the rich exprience, the professional knowledge, they  can help you maximum save your time and cost. 


LG Supply’s Factories are all passed ISO9001 Quality Certified, Our supplier were almost the top manufacturer of kinds of Field, the strict Quality Control make your order high quality. 


LG Supply offer all of your rigging& lifting accessories’ needs.


At present, our products include:

*   Regular Rigging Hardware--- Turnbuckles, Shackles, Cable Clips, Rope Thimbles,Swivels,Eye Bolt, Eye Nut, Forged/Wire Hooks, Links, Welded/ Forged Rings, welded Chains, Wire Tensiner. Wire Rope Ferrules/sleeves, Spelter Socket,etc.

*   Marine hardware--- Anchor Chain, Anchor, Turnbuckle, Wire Rope Clips, Thimbles, Yacht hardware, Lifting Hooks, Shackles, etc.

*   Lifting Equipment--- Lifting Hoist, Pulleys, Snatch Blocks, Lifting Chain, Magnetic Lifting, Pallet Truck, Jack, Lifting Clamps, Lifting Webbing Sling, Round Slings.Chain Slings, Wire Rope Slings,etc.


*   Transport Accessories--- G70/G80 Welded Transport Chain, G70/G80 Forged Hooks, Links, Welded/Forged Rings, Tow Hook, Tow Bar, Hand Winch, Electric Winch, Webbing Slings, Ratchet/Lever Load Binder,


*   Hand Tools --- Bolt Cutters, Swaging Tools, Wire Rope Cutters, Rebar Cutters&Benders

 Do believe our company will be your new loyal partner in China.