Ratchet type chain load binder G70, US type

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Ratchet  type load binder US type

Material: Carbon Steel, 

Handle: Drop forged or cast
Finishing: Powder Coated or Electronic Galvanized
Heat Treated: Quenched and Tempered
Minimum Breaking Loading: 3.5 Times to WLL
Packing: Carton then Steel Pallet




Chain size












Dimensions (in.)
(in.) (lbs.) (lbs.) (lbs.) (lbs.) (in.) A B C D E F G
5/16-3/8 5400 10800 19000 8.56 15.43 25.2 25.2 21.46 15.55 12.2 12.2 0.47
3/8-1/2 9200 18400 33000 12.38 17.24 28.15 28.7 24.61 17.52 13.58 13.58 0.59
1/4-5/16 2600 5200 9200 3.6 11.42 20.66 18.7 15.35 11.42 8.85 8.85 0.35




Heavy duty ratchet chain binders are designed to tighten chain tie downs over a load. Features a forged steel handle design for maximum leverage, and a cam and prawl mechanism to create a smooth, ratcheting action.

All of our load binders meet FMCSA and DOT specifications, and have size, break strength, and working load limit information on the handle.

This G70 ratchet chain binder is designed for use with Grade 70 Transport Chain.

Not sure if a lever binder or a ratchet binder is the right chain tie down tightening device for your needs? Give our sales team at sales@lg-rigging.com, they’ll be happy to help. 

For more information on the differences between lever binders and ratchet binders, and how to choose the right size load binder, Pls check Chain binders









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