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3 D-Ring Safety Harnesses

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>Model:3 D-Ring Safety Harnesses
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3 D-Ring Safety Harnesses



 3 D-Ring Safety Harness is ideal for general construction applications where fall protection and positioning is needed.With the addition of belt loops, use your own body belt or try one of ours for added back support and tool-carrying options.

Every safety harness combines maximum comfort, freedom of movement and ease of use without sacrificing safety. All harnesses are designed to securely retain you in case of a fall and distribute the impact forces throughout your body.

3 D-Ring Safety Harness Featuer


  • Three steel D-rings: center of back and hips
  • Flexible shoulder straps for all day comfort
  • Delta No-Tangle design for added comfort and easy donning

  • Spring loaded stand-up back D-ring ensures fast, easy, and safe connections

  • Adjustable non-slip chest strap with easy to use pass-thru buckle


Instruction For Safety Harness


1.Take the harness by the D-Ring attached to the life rope

2.Slip on the shoulder straps one after the other,taking care not to twist them.Adjust them by pulling or releasing the slack end, so that the buttock strap is firmly in place under the buttocks.Pull one and the other thigh strap through the croth and latch each strap. Make sure not to cross the straps

3.Attach the chest strap or the waist strap and adjust it's tension to hold the shoulder straps centered on each shoulder

4.For your safety and comfort in use, the harness has to be correctly adjusted-neither too loose nor too tight.

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