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4 D-Ring Safety Harness

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>Model:4 D-Ring Safety Harness
>Categories: Lifting slings>Safety Harness>4 D-Ring Safety Harness


4 D-Ring Safety Harness,Full Protection Harness





  • Four steel D-rings located at back, chest, and hips
  • Quick-connect buckle on chest strap
  • Mating buckle on leg straps
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Breakaway lanyard clips
  • Quick connect chest and leg straps
  • Made of polyester and nylon
  • Soft, lightweight webbing




China LG 4 D-Ring Safety Harness is perfect for applications needing positioning ability with 4 d-rings, a removable tool belt and lanyard parks.

The front and rear D-rings are made from steel to offer durability and resilience. The individual adjustment settings allow the front D-ring to sit flat against your chest.

Despite lacking a tool belt, this 4 d-ring safety harness gives you more flexibility in application than some tool belt versions do by having 4 D-rings, Back, Hip-lifting and Extension.

Instruction And Maintenance For Safety Harness


1.Before each use, a close examination should be made of the straps,rope and fittings too make sure that the harness is in perfect working order

2.Whenever possible, it is strongly recommended that the harness be assigned to an individual in order to limit the re-adjustments needed when the harness changes hands

3.Any harness that has withstood a fall or which appears doubtful on visual examinaton must immediately be with drawn from service 

4.The harness must be examined at least once a year by a competent person authorized by the manufacturer

5.Stained belt should be washed with detergent and dried under indirect sun

6.The equipment should be looked after and kept in a cool dry place free from direct sunlight.

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